Everyone’s skin ages differently and fillers may be used to rejuvenate multiple problem areas. From smile lines to vertical lip lines, you can smooth away unwanted wrinkles and restore natural contours. Following is a description of the primary wrinkle areas that High Tech Family Care professionals can target for aesthetic enhancement and rejuvenation.

Smile Lines

Smile lines or nasolabial folds, run vertically from the bottom of the nose to the corners of the mouth. This is a popular treatment area that many women seek help with. While individual results vary, after just one treatment, most patients see a real difference, with a noticeable softening of the smile lines.

After all, parentheses have a place but not on your face!

Marionette Lines

Marrionette lines are the vertical facial wrinkles and folds that form below the corners of the mouth. These lines can sometimes give the appearance of sagging and/or a downturned expression.

Vertical Lines

Facial wrinkles above and around the lips can begin to appear over time due to ordinary lip muscle movement. However, environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and stress can also contribute to how the area around our lips ages and the formation of vertical lip lines. The good news is that JUVEDERM XC dermal filler can soften those with typically just one treatment!